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Alfredo J. Rivero

AJR PATIOS Design & Staging

Alfredo J. Rivero

AJR PATIOS Design & Staging

Alfredo J Rivero Portfolio


Alfredo J Rivero Portfolio

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At AJR Patios we are a global consulting firm dedicated to creating the most interesting Patio Staging with a unique design approach.

We create comfortable and elegant spaces oriented to their original purpose which is to enjoy an outdoor space without getting out of your home. Let us do the design and the research for all the elements and the right people for each job.

Meet AJR…



AJR stands for Alfredo J. Rivero. As an Architectural and Interior designer, I worked on commissions for private homes and several major commercial projects, franchises, and retail outlets with an emphasis on unique and fresh designs. 

25 years of experience as a commercial designer and a contractor has widened my understanding of processes and operations that can be perfectly applied to many aspects of everyday life for residential design. 

Our Services…



During the years I developed a new Patio Staging Concept that enables me to create innovative designs at a competitive cost.           My services include:


  • Space planning
  • Drawings and Renders
  • Presentation for the HOA (if applies)
  • Custom furniture design and selection
  • Accessory selections
  • Hard surfaces selections
  • Project management
  • Product sourcing and purchasing
  • Estimates for purchases made through my studio
  • Procurement, Fulfillment, and Installation