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Alfredo J. Rivero

Design & Staging

Let's work together...

•I can link you to the right selection for your design. 

•I’ll do the required search for your project specifications. 

•I’ll find the right contractors and the right people to perform exactly as expected and as designed.

•We’ll be working in many cases directly with the manufactures of cabinets, flooring suppliers, stones distributors, and all the right firms and companies to make your project viable.


Meet Alfredo J. Rivero

As an Architectural and Interior Designer, I worked on commissions for private homes and several major commercial projects, franchises and retail outlets across Venezuela, USA, and the Caribbean with an emphasis on unique and fresh designs. 

I do not have a recurring house style rather each design is unique; carefully tailored to the lifestyle and needs of the client and project. I have a reverential love of period property and I am particularly skilled at fusing modern concepts with listed buildings to create eclectic spaces. 

While living in Houston, the Art Institute of Houston granted me a full-tuition scholarship by winning a nationwide design competition. 

After I graduated I worked for Richard Holley Inc. getting involved in projects that included residential renovation in Houston and London.  Upon returning to Venezuela I was employed by the firm Melero Diseños owned by Bernabe Melero, a successful Spanish architect. 

Soon became the head of a global design consultancy at Melero’s.  After five years of working there I opened my own firm called D.I.C.A. Aware of the changes in the architectural field, I increased my skills by studying new design software technologies.  

Taking a number of Postgraduate courses not only emerged me in the fine arts but also improved my overall business administration knowledge.  

That allowed me to occupy the position of General Manager in companies such as Kia’s Muebles and Tropitone Venezuela. There I was in charge of Product Development, Marketing and Sales. 

Over the years, I have evolved along with my clients and with the market needs.